Exploring New Worlds Campaign

The search for life on other worlds began when humans first looked to the stars and wondered, “Are we alone?” At Keck Observatory we are closing in on the answer.

Planet Lineup

Major Contributors

Lynne and Marc Benioff
Lynn A. Booth
Linda and James Clifford
Heidi Hopper and Jeff Dean
Amy and Morton Friedkin
Hopper-Dean Foundation
Jaffe Estate Wines
Pam and Gary Jaffe
Carlton A. Lane
William J. and Dorothy K. O’Neill Foundation
Jeanne and Sanford Robertson
Anne Barasch and John Cutler Ryan
Michael Sack and John Saul
Debbie and Joe Schell
Chester Woodruff Foundation
Gail and Michael Yanney

Additional Contributors

William Bloomfield
Bertie B. and David Elliott
Laurie and Jack Goldstein
Carmen and John Gottschalk
Bobbie J. and C. Wallace Hooser
Marybee and James Johnston
T.J. Keck
W. M. Keck Foundation
Yen Yee and Paul Locklin
The Mahoney Tallman Family Foundation
Joanne and James Markiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Robinson
Janet and Stephen Rogers
Lisa Persdotter and Charles Simonyi
Charles Simonyi Fund for Arts and Sciences
Lon Ussery
Thomas Blackburn
Peggy and Bill Cameron
A. J. Clifford
Nathalie and David Cowan
Alexander and Andrew Earls
Deborah Goodwin and James Fritz
Susan and J.C. Henry
Judith and Hantz Hummelt
Doreen and David Keyes
Laurie and Mike Kozlak
Barbara and James Lago
Phoebe Kwan and Ralph Leighton
The Merck Company Foundation
Elizabeth Moffitt
Carole and Alan Polito
John Ryan Company
Maura and James Schumacher
Vicki Serianni
Susan and Ken Thomas