Keck Exoplanet Society

Members of the Keck Exoplanet Society are the cornerstone funders of the Exploring New Worlds Campaign.  Society members have distinctive access to the W. M. Keck Observatory and the programs their philanthropy has supported.

Society Members

William Bloomfield Jr.
Bertie B. and David Elliott Elliott
Amy and Morton Friedkin
Laurie and Jack Goldstein
Carmen and John Gottschalk
Bobbie Armstrong Hooser and C. Wallace Hooser, M.D.
Pam and Gary Jaffe
Marybee and James Johnston
T. J. Keck
Barbara and James Lago
Carlton A. Lane
Yen Yee and Paul Locklin
Ann and Jim Mahoney
Joanne and James Markiewicz
Alan Polito
Jeanne and Sandy Robertson
Sanford Robertson
Stephanie and Mark Robinson
Janet and Stephen Rogers
Anne and John Ryan
Terry and Rob Ryan
Mike Sack and John Saul
Debbie and Joe Schell
Lisa Persdotter and Charles Simonyi
Lon Ussery
Michael B. and Gail Yanney