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Telescopes Large and Small Team Up to Study Triple Asteroid

Kamuela, HI -- Combining observations from the world’s largest telescopes with small telescopes used by amateur astronomers, a team of scientists discovered that the large main-belt asteroid (87)... Read more »

Cosmic Matters

Exploring New Worlds

UC Berkeley planet hunter Geoff Marcy watches the sun set from the Keck telescopes on Mauna Kea. Credit: WMKO. Geoff Marcy, an astronomer at UC Berkeley, began searching for worlds beyond our Solar... Read more »


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NASA observers will use HIRESB on Keck 1, and UH observers will use DEIMOS on Keck 2 tonight. Sun set 06:01:00pm rise 06:44:00am
Our guests tonight are observers from NASA and UH, using HIRESB and DEIMOS respectively. Sun set 06:01:00pm rise 06:43:00am
Merry Christmas! Check out this crackalakin' vid of the world's greatest telescopes at work. W. M. Keck Observatory
Tonight observers from UCB and CIT will use LRIS-ADC and DEIMOS. Sun set 06:00:00pm rise 06:43:00am
In case you missed it: Scientist delves quirks of Big Island weather | West Hawaii Today