Building the Mighty Keck Observatory – Credit: JPL

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In 1985, construction began on what was to become, and still remain, the biggest optical/infrared telescopes on Earth. Since first science in 1993 for Keck I and 1996 for Keck II, the two telescopes are the most scientifically productive telescopes on Earth, publishing more papers per telescope than any of its peers. 


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Our guests tonight are observers from NASA and UH, using HIRESB and DEIMOS respectively. Sun set 06:01:00pm rise 06:43:00am
Merry Christmas! Check out this crackalakin' vid of the world's greatest telescopes at work. W. M. Keck Observatory
Tonight observers from UCB and CIT will use LRIS-ADC and DEIMOS. Sun set 06:00:00pm rise 06:43:00am
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LRIS-ADC and DEIMOS are the instruments tonight. Observers are from UCSC and CIT. Sun set 05:59:00pm rise 06:42:00am