Evenings with Astronomers: Bumps, Booms and Burps – Dr. Shrinivas Kulkarni

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SCIENCE NEWS! Scientists at Keck Measure Farthest Galaxy Ever! bit.ly/1zxsZA2 pic.twitter.com/wvbTTwSh66
Tonight observers from UH/KECK and UCB/KECK will use OSIRIS-LGS and NIRC2-NGS/NIRC2-LGS/NIRC2-NGS. Sun set 06:57:00pm rise 05:40:00am
.@ACKstronomy Great shot, thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your new book on Maunakea! twitter.com/ACKstronomy/st…
HIRESR and NIRSPEC are the instruments tonight. Observers are from CIT and CIT. Sun set 06:56:00pm rise 05:41:00am
Tonight's schedule is MOSFIRE on Keck 1 and NIRSPEC on Keck 2 for our lucky observers from UCLA and CIT. Sun set 06:56:00pm rise 05:42:00am