Cosmic Web Imager

Keck Observatory raises funds to support game-changing innovations in astronomical research: our new MAGIQ HIRES guider system to better detect earth-like planets, MOSFIRE’s multiplex spectroscopy for unparalleled capabilities in measuring distant galaxies and the early Universe, and most recently progressive enhancements to our world leading laser guide star adaptive optics systems. Next in development is the Cosmic Web Imager, a highly flexible instrument being designed to support a cornucopia of science investigations that focus on complex extended objects in the night sky, including mapping the architecture of large scale structure in the Universe.  The Cosmic Web Imager’s uniqueness and versatility, paired with the most superb Telescope and site on Earth, ensure that it will make profound new discoveries about the cosmos for decades to come.

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Funding Priorities

Keck Next – Advanced Instrumentation Fund

Beyond offering the largest light collection mirrors on the planet, it is in imaginative instrumentation that Keck will maintain and increase its leadership in world astronomy. Investment in Keck Next helps bring eagerly-anticipated next-generation instrumentation to the Keck astronomy community.

Director's Fund – Discretionary Fund For Projects Of Opportunity

Astronomical discovery continues to reveal breakthrough knowledge on Cosmology, often with unanticipated opportunities and challenges. Investment in the Director's Fund helps address immediate needs for new research tools and systems to take advantage of these opportunities.

Rising Stars – Education Programs Sponsored By Keck Observatory

In a century where science and technology continues to dominate our lives, Keck's goal is to inspire students to pursue challenging and meaningful work. Investment in Rising Stars helps provide many ways to attract young people to scientific and technical pursuits including intensive mentoring and internship programs.

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The Associates of Keck Observatory – Annual Gifts to Scientific Leadership

Keck Associates provide unrestricted financial contributions annually to address immediate needs identified by the Observatory as critical to the fulfillment of our strategic goals. The Associates enjoy special access to Keck Observatory advancement programs. 
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Keck Exoplanet Society

Members of the Keck Exoplanet Society are the cornerstone funders of the Exploring New Worlds Campaign.  Society members have distinctive access to the W. M. Keck Observatory and the programs their philanthropy has supported.
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The Supernovae Society of the W. M. Keck Observatory

Supernovae are giant stars that end their lives by exploding in a massive outpouring of light. Launched in 2011, the Supernovae Society honors individuals who have chosen to support the frontiers of discovery by including the W. M. Keck Observatory in their estate plans. Society members have matched their vision of a better the world with the strategic ambitions of a great scientific organization, thus ensuring exceptional achievement will shine brightly into the future.

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