Instrument Development Incubation Process

Instrument Development Incubation Process

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The early phases of instrument development are to incubate instrument concepts to a mature enough level to seek funding. The purpose of this on-line documentation is to define the process for developing instrument concepts and designs as well as outline the path that the instrument builders should follow to gain SSC and Keck Observatory approval. For instrumentation projects, principal investigators must seek approval from the SSC before moving forward with any type of funding request.

The incubation process supports a wide range of initiatives that spans from major new facility class instrumentation to small continuous improvement projects for the existing instrument suite and observatory systems. The SSC will confirm the scale of the project and suggest the right path forward if approved.

Due to funding limitations, not every project the SSC deems worthy for continued development will be funded through this process. The SSC will provide all PIs feedback on proposals and guidance for moving forward.