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Human Space Flight: Its History, Challenges, and Future

Ellen Baker & Marsha Ivins
NASA Astronauts

Correcting the Twinkle with Adaptive Optics

Dr. Antonin Bouchez
Head of Adaptive Optics Development
Keck Observatory

A Hilo Boy’s Journey of Becoming an Astronomer

Dr. Devin Chu
UCLA Postdoctoral Scholar

The Origin of Earth-Like Planets and Their Water

Dr. Lauren Weiss
Assistant Professor of Physics
University of Notre Dame

Seven Years of High-Cadence Solar System Observations using the ‘Twilight Zone’

Dr. Ned Molter
Postdoctoral Scholar, Earth and Planetary Science Department
University of California at Berkeley

A New Tool to Map Entire Galaxies

Dr. Rosalie McGurk
W. M. Keck Observatory

A Stretching Gas Cloud and Other Dusty Objects that Orbit Close to the Galactic Black Hole

Randy Campbell
Science Operations Lead
W. M. Keck Observatory

Shadow the Scientists – Research as a Spectator Sport

Dr. Puragra Guhathakurta
Distinguished Professor, Astronomer & Department Chair, Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics
University of California Santa Cruz

Intergalactic Immigration

Jessica Werk
Associate Professor, Department of Astronomy
University of Washington

First Images of Exoplanets With the Webb Telescope and a Look Forward to Keck’s New Exoplanet Imager

Dr. Andy Skemer
Associate Professor of Astronomy & Astrophysics
University of California Santa Cruz

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