Live Webcast: Transits from Earth, Jupiter & Saturn, Past, Present & Future

On Thursday, June 7, 2012, Keck Observatory is hosting a live webcast of an astronomy talk by Dr. Jay Pasachoff of Williams College entitled ?Transits of Venus from Earth, Jupiter and Saturn, Past Present and Future.? 

The webcast begins at 7 pm Hawaiian Time, 10 pm Pacific Time (5 am GMT, May 11) and will be streamed from the Gates Performing Arts Center Auditorium at Hawaii Preparatory Academy in Waimea-Kamuela, on the Big Island of Hawaii. Watch in the window below, or click on the UStream link.

The live webcast will play in the box below beginning at 7 pm HST / 10 pm PDT, or can be found via the Keck Observatory Facebook page.


Live video by Ustream

For questions during the webcast, please watch the lecture via the Keck Observatory Facebook page.
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