The process of science is not complete until discoveries are shared with others. W. M. Keck Observatory participates in and sponsors dozens of educational events to foster a greater appreciation of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). From school field trips to our headquarters, stargazing programs, classroom visits, and STEM events, Keck Observatory offers engaging astronomical activities and expertise to more than 1,000 K-12 students each year.

Triple Whammy

5th grade students from Hawaiʻi Island schools experience a “triple whammy” of fun, science-rich activities at Keck Observatory’s Waimea headquarters. They rotate through three interactive stations, which vary from solar viewing, star tracking, an infrared camera demonstration, a mirror segment activity, and more.

Waimea Solar System Walk

In just less than a mile, “space travelers” stroll through a scaled model of the solar system through Waimea town. The interstellar journey starts with the Sun at Keck Observatory’s headquarters and ends with the Oort Cloud at the offices of Canada-France-Hawaiʻi-Telescope, with several pit stops along the way where explorers learn about each planet and other celestial objects in our solar system.

General Public Events

For the broader public, Keck Observatory’s Astronomy Talks and Open House events encourage everyone to discover the very latest scientific research and exciting knowledge learned from majestic Maunakea.