Meet Our Director

Rich Matsuda is the Director of the W. M. Keck Observatory. During his nearly 30-year career at the Observatory, Matsuda helped build and operate the Keck Observatory telescopes, progressing to roles in senior leadership, including Chief of Operations and Associate Director of Community Relations, before assuming his current role.

In addition to overseeing the operation and performance of the Observatory, Matsuda also serves as the appointed Maunakea Observatories representative to the Maunakea Stewardship and Oversight Authority (MKSOA), the management and governance body for Maunakea established through Act 255 by the State of Hawaiʻi, founded on the principal of mutual stewardship.

Prior to joining Keck Observatory in 1993 during its construction phase, Matsuda worked at Boeing on the design and fabrication of the 777 airplane. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering from University of Washington.

Born and raised in Hawaiʻi, Matsuda is passionate about creating a resilient and sustainable future for Hawaiʻi’s next generations. He serves on Hawaiʻi Community Foundation’s Hawaiʻi Island Leadership Council, is a past-trustee at Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy, and is an Omidyar Fellow. Drawing upon his relationships and knowledge in astronomy and in the local community, Matsuda seeks to build bridges between the two, with aspirations of a vibrant future for all. Matsuda is the first Hawaiʻi-born Director of Keck Observatory.


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Human Resources Manager

Jeff Huber

Chief of Operations

John O’Meara

Deputy Director & Chief Scientist

Andrew Odell

Chief of Administrative Operations

Margarita Scheffel

Chief Financial Officer

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W. M. Keck Observatory is supported by both public funding sources and private philanthropy. As a 501(c)3, the nonprofit organization is managed by the California Association for Research in Astronomy (CARA), whose Board of Directors includes representatives from the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, with liaisons to the board from NASA and the Keck Foundation.