Using Keck to Explore Planetary Systems Orbiting Nearby Stars

The search for extrasolar planets has uncovered a dizzying array of planetary systems.  We have found new planet types — lava worlds and super-Earths – as well as planets orbiting more than one star.  These discoveries give us tantalizing clues about how our Solar System formed and point the way to detailed characterizations of Earth-like worlds.  Caltech Professor Howard will tour this diverse landscape highlighting the crucial role of the W.M. Keck Observatory.  He will also give a sneak peak of the discoveries to come with a new Keck Observatory instrument, the Keck Planet Finder. The staff and management of the W. M. Keck Observatory wish to offer our deepest gratitude to our Astronomy Talk Series sponsors, Rob and Terry Ryan.

Guest Speaker

Dr. Courtney Dressing

Astronomy Professor
University of California at Berkeley

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