The Year(s) Ahead: What’s on the Horizon for Astronomy?

The coming year promises to be an exciting one for astronomy on the ground and in space. With new instrumentation being delivered to Keck Observatory, and exciting missions like JWST in space, 2022 will deliver transformative new capabilities to astronomy. Looking even farther in the future, the recently released Decadal Survey of Astronomy and Astrophysics (a.k.a. Astro2020) has charted a bold new path for powerful new facilities and amazing new science. In this talk, Dr. O’Meara will lay out the future for ground and space based astronomy, and give a sneak peek at what new science Keck Observatory and other facilities will be enabling in the coming years.W. M. Keck Observatory wishes to offer our deepest gratitude to our Astronomy Talk Series sponsors, Rob and Terry Ryan.

Guest Speaker

John O'Meara

Chief Scientist
W. M. Keck Observatory

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